How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

How to quickly tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a chatting, phone, and photo-sharing app used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Some people may find that they’ve tried messaging one of their contacts, only to find that they aren’t responding anymore.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is the best way to stop them from calling or messaging you. But if you’re the one who’s been blocked, how can you tell?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp. But there are hints that you can use to figure it out. If you think someone’s blocked you on WhatsApp, run through the checklist below to see if your hunch is true.

How to Know if You’ve Been Blocked on WhatsApp

1 . Last Seen is Missing

There are several indicators that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. If you look at the contact and it doesn’t show their “last seen” or “online status” information, they may have blocked you.

2 . No Profile Updates

Another indicator that your WhatsApp contact has blocked you is their profile picture and information are no longer available. You will no longer see their online status or stories using the application either.

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3 . Checkmarks and Their Meanings

Have you been sending a person messages and only notice one checkmark beside it? That means your message has been sent but not received and read by the recipient. Here’s what all checkmark icons tell you.

One grayed check mark means your message has gone through the sending process but hasn’t been delivered yet. Two grayed checkmarks mean your message was sent and delivered to your contact. Two blue checkmarks mean that the message has been sent, received, and viewed.

4 . From WhatsApp’s website.

If you’re noticing only one gray checkmark next to messages you’ve sent, then it’s a good chance you are on the recipient’s block list. This means that your message is being sent to that person, but for some reason, it’s not being delivered to their phone.

5 . Also, Calls won’t go through

Another feature offered by WhatsApp is the ability to make phone calls. It works just like regular phone calls, except that it uses Wi-Fi instead of cellular reception. Like the rest of the apps, making phone calls on WhatsApp is completely free.

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This means that if you call one of your contacts, it should ring and be answered the same way that any phone call is. If you are blocked, however, the phone will ring briefly before automatically disconnecting. This is similar to when you call someone whose phone is off and you get sent directly to voicemail.

6 . Adding the Contact to a Group

WhatsApp will let you create groups with your contacts. If you choose to create a group and attempt to add a contact that gives you an error, it’s the best indicator that you have been blocked.

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