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How Much Money is Needed to Study in Germany?

How Much Money Is Needed to Study in Germany?

Up until now, non-German students who wanted to go to college to get a better degree had to put €8,640 into a blocked bank account before they could get into college. But this has also made students decide not to get visas. To prevent this, the German government has changed its policy on the amount in the blocked account. Starting in January 2022, the amount will be raised to €10,236. Starting September 1, 2022, this will be the case for all visa applications.

What does it cost to go to school in Germany?

International students will need €10,236 in 2022 to go to school in Germany. Based on our survey, if a foreign student wants to go to college in Germany after January 2022, they will have to put a certain amount of money (10,236 euros) into a blocked German bank account.

For both getting into a German university and getting a residence pass, you have to show proof that you have enough money. Also, the money must be enough to support the person for at least a year. You can also show proof of your finances in other ways when you apply, but the money in a block account is the most common way for students who are not from Germany.

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Thus, 853 euros will cover your monthly bills. Only the account user can block the account. Nobody else can. The block account is a unique account that holds students’ money for studying and living in Germany. Before arriving in Germany, start the blocked account, but you must register at a local resident office before using it.

The amount of money you have to put in your block account is just a guess made by the German government based on how much you spend in a month. So, if you want to go to school in Germany, you must have enough money in the block account to cover your costs until you find a way to make more money.

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