HOT PHOTOS: Ladies doing a waist bead challenge

Nigerian Ladies Doing A Waist Bead Challenge

In Nigerian, ladies’ waist bead challenge has hit the internet. Platforms like Twitter have been flooded with beautiful photos of the beads strung along a wire or cord which many say is an exclusive symbol of feminity.

The challenge was started off by a Twitter user who is also a Chemical Engineer.

This certainly will be something guys will not let it go. Newsnowgh interaction with guys suggests that. They say it is loving.

An ardent follower of the beads challenge is, however furious. He tells newsnowgh’s correspondent that the exposure should be wholly done. The argument of the guy is why those ladies intentionally hid their faces.

It is, however, unclear if Ghana ladies will give it a try. The background is that Nigerians and Ghanaians normally share the fun together on social media.

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