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Head of Commercial and Corporate Transactions at Airteltigo

Head of Commercial and Corporate Transactions at Airteltigo

  • Job Title: Head of Commercial and Corporate Transactions
  • Job Function: Legal & Regulatory.
  • Type of job: Full-time.
  • Location: Accra

The right person will become a Legal Manager on our team and work in the Legal and Regulatory Department. He or she will report to the Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer and be in charge of giving legal advice in a business setting. This includes negotiating contracts and making other appropriate business arrangements. This job will also be in charge of managing the company’s contracts and making sure that business activities, policies, and practices follow Ghanaian law.

Core Responsibilities:

Contract writing, review, and approval 

  • Lead the way in making and keeping an active legal dossier.
  • Help stakeholders and user departments negotiate contracts in a timely way while making sure that the agreements are legal and in the best interests of the company.
  • Draft all contracts for the different parts of the business or all the departments, making sure they follow the law and the business’s direction and send them to the boss for approval.
  • Make sure that the whole company is following the law and leading risk management efforts related to daily operations.
  • Create a way for all of the company’s business contracts and other agreements to be properly signed, stored, and retrieved.

Monthly and quarterly reports on the law:

  • Making monthly legal reports that include information about legal costs, intellectual property, board meetings, company projects, material contracts, and the legal register.
  • Preparing quarterly compliance certificates, such as secretarial certificates, for the Company and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries. These certificates show that the Company is following the laws and rules that are already in place.
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Continuing Legal Education and Advice:

  • Develop internal stakeholder awareness of legal obligations, give general legal advice to different parts of the business, and make sure that compliance happens during and after negotiations so that the company and its employees aren’t put in any danger.
  • Work well with and support all of the company’s different departments. Help them make better decisions by helping them understand how the law affects things.
  • Find out what legal advice is needed to help the business run, and make sure that this advice is given or made possible in a timely and effective way.
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Offering legal and business solutions:

  • Provide legal and business solutions to the different departments to reduce risk (litigation and disputes) and make the most of the company’s opportunities.
  • Make sure that all transactions protect the Company’s interests well and that the Company’s potential liability is either eliminated or kept to a minimum through new methods.
  • Manage the workload that comes with his or her responsibilities by giving advice and support directly or by asking for help from other appropriate internal or external resources, with the Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer’s approval.
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General support:

  • Help the different parts of the business with legal issues.
  • Help the company’s processes for managing legal or compliance risks in its business get better all the time.
  • Help the company and any subsidiaries with their company secretarial needs.
  • Do any other tasks related to general legal work that is asked of you.

Qualification And Experience:

  • A law degree from college (LLB]
  • To practice law in Ghana, you need a “Qualifying Certificate in Law.”
  • A relevant master’s degree will be an advantage
  • A minimum of seven years at the bar and at least five years working in a corporate law firm with an established practice in corporate and commercial law or as an in-house counsel. Experience in the telecom sector, corporate finance work, or litigation will be a plus.

Core Competencies: 

  • Business awareness; must have enough experience in core areas of contract, tort, company and commercial law, intellectual property law, and legal compliance.
  • Strong skills in analyzing, solving problems, and making business documents.
  • Know-how and experience with buying and selling.
  • Some knowledge of how to handle transactions and legal disputes.
  • Both oral and written communication skills are clear and effective.
  • Experience working with clients and lawyers in different places.
  • Being able to handle and prioritize multiple projects at once.
  • Emotional strength and the ability to feel confident in awkward or stressful situations.
  • Person with high standards and clear goals.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
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How to Apply for Head of Business and Corporate Transactions at Airteltigo

Send your application and curriculum vitae to if you are interested and qualified.

Please put the job you want in the subject line of your email.

The last day to apply is February 10, 2023.

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