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Farming Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Hungary for Foreigners ($67,608 – $73,210 a year)

November 18th, 2023 at 04:36 am

Farming Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Hungary for Foreigners ($67,608 – $73,210 a year)

Although Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, the country’s economy has grown a lot since then. Hungary changed from a socialist to a market economy at the start of the 1990s. As a result, private investors acquired a lot of smaller businesses, and larger foreign-run businesses established headquarters in Hungary. This gave expats more job opportunities in Hungary. This is still correct now.

Hungary’s Labor Market

Despite recent increases in Hungary’s unemployment rate, it will reach its lowest level in years in July 2024. Despite worldwide economic difficulties, Hungary’s economy is relatively stable, with several commercial opportunities.

Hungary, being the leading electronics producer in Central and Eastern Europe, has a lot to offer expats interested in electronics production and research. Mining, technology, telecommunications, and information technology are also important sectors of the country’s economy. English teaching positions are also available for young and inexperienced foreigners.

Finding a Job in Hungary

Expats looking for work in Hungary should be diligent in their search and use as many techniques as possible.

The internet is always an excellent place to start, and job boards and social networks like LinkedIn are especially useful. However, job seekers should be cautious about accepting a job offer before meeting their new boss in person.

For expats already in Hungary, perusing the job sections of local newspapers may be beneficial. Expats will need to know Hungarian or have someone translate for them in order to understand these.

Expats may find that Hungarian enterprises are occasionally reluctant to hire foreigners. This is primarily due to the amount of red tape involved. Expats from EU nations will have a higher chance of obtaining work in Hungary in this regard because EU citizenship immediately affords them the right to work.

If expats are unable to find work in Hungary, they may be able to find work with multinational firms established in their home country and seek to be transferred to Hungary instead.

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List of Farming Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Hungary

1. Farm – Poultry Worker

Key Responsibilities

  • Work proactively with a rostered staff to provide 365-day coverage;
  • At all times, monitor and maintain flock health.
  • Participate in the supplied training to ensure a high level of ability and knowledge of the tasks at hand.
  • Understand and adhere to all workplace health and safety, quarantine, and bio-security regulations.
  • Maintain poultry system optimisation by operating machinery and equipment at all times.
  • Monitoring the feeding and watering systems, as well as general stock animal husbandry
  • Collaboration with a range of intensive livestock systems;
  • Keep your workplace neat and tidy.

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2. Farm Hand

Key Responsibilities

  • Using cutting-edge machinery and equipment with cutting-edge technologies
  • Farm employment includes mowing, spreading, raking, and harvesting.
  • Aiding in farm irrigation
  • Participate actively in general farming activities, which will entail general labor.
  • All actions must be completed in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Working as a member of a group

The successful candidate will have:

  • Experience with silage and row-cropping farming activities is advantageous.
  • A real interest in farm operations, as well as experience operating farm machinery and knowledge of agricultural and cropping techniques
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Driver’s license (HC Truck license preferred)

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3. Farm Attendant

About yourself

This is the job for you if you enjoy being outside and working on the water. To be effective in this role, you must have the following qualities:

  • Be physically fit and powerful.
  • Be a passionate and dependable team member.
  • Enjoy being on the water (walking comfortably on pen collars)
  • Have the right to work in Australia full-time
  • Ticket for coxswain (recommended but not required)
  • Pass an alcohol and drug test as well as a pre-employment medical.
  • To go to and from work, you must have a valid driver’s license.
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Benefits for you

  • Voluntary annual flu shots at chosen venues or full reimbursement from your Medical Clinic at hourly rates beginning at $28.34 per hour
  • Access to Workplace, Health, and Wellbeing Support for you and your family, including but not limited to Personal Challenges, Mental Health, Grief, Separation, or Financial Challenges.
  • 20% off the total fee for your tax return.
  • Deliciously Reduced Seafood, of course!

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4. Assistant Farm Manager

Tasks that come with this job will include:

  • Giving the farm boss help as the second person in charge.
  • Driving and following safe operating procedures and animal health rules.
  • Feeding and caring for the herd, including giving birth, caring for the herd in the hospital, planning AI and mating, working in the dairy shed, and more
  • Watering and taking care of pastures
  • Watching over staff.
  • Use of machinery.
  • Fixing things and upkeep

Required Skills

For this job, the skills and knowledge that are needed are:

  • I have a lot of experience in the dairy business (at least 3 years).
  • You should have at least one tertiary qualification in agriculture or a similar field.
  • Dedicated to making sure the workplace is safe.
  • Dependable, on time, and able to handle their own problems.
  • Good attitude and willingness to work hard.
  • Skills as a leader and as a team player.

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Hungary has a unique work culture.

Expats working in Hungary will find their working atmosphere to be rather traditional, particularly if they work for a local company. Multinational corporations, on the other hand, provide surroundings similar to those found in the United States and Western Europe. The work week is usually 40 hours long, while annual leave is usually 21 days long.

Basic Hungarian knowledge is useful for negotiating compensation and can put job hopefuls ahead of the competition when looking for jobs in Hungary. Expats working for global corporations can expect to earn more than Hungarians.



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