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Express Entry for Skilled Worker & International Graduates 2023: BC PNP, MPNP, OINP, QINP, AINP

November 8th, 2023 at 05:08 am

Express Entry for Skilled Worker & International Graduates 2023: BC PNP, MPNP, OINP, QINP, AINP

Provincial immigration policies in Canada continue to be crucial in determining the demographic makeup of the country. Six provinces have offered invites to applicants looking for possibilities on Canadian soil, according to the most recent provincial immigration findings. These invitations represent the continued efforts to use targeted immigration to boost the Canadian economy and satisfy labor market requirements in the region.

This article explores the significance of the recent provincial draws for prospective immigrants.

Invitations to apply for provincial immigration have been extended to candidates by Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, and PEI. Economic immigrants may apply for a provincial nomination through the provincial nominee program (PNP) in any of the provinces and territories of Canada, except Quebec and Nunavut.

When a candidate applies to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency, their application is strengthened by the nomination. Quebec and the federal government have a separate agreement, and Quebec has complete control over the number of economic immigrants it can pick for permanent selection.

New Immigration Levels Plan and Strategic Immigration Program

An annual immigration levels plan is released by the IRCC, which establishes a goal for the total number of permanent residents to be invited. The total goal is split between Pathways and the IRCC’s immigration initiatives over the next three years. On November 1, the most recent immigration levels plan covering 2024–2026 was made public.

It indicates that 110,000 entrants will be admitted by the IRCC through the PNP in 2024, and 120,000 through 2025 and 2026. The recently revealed strategic immigration program from IRCC serves as a major basis for the plan. The initiative lays out three main pillars for increasing IRCC efficiency: facilitating newcomers’ settlement; integrating the rise in immigration levels with infrastructure needs; and providing Settlement Services.

To better understand local needs and capacities, the IRCC intends to fulfill its objectives by talking with pertinent stakeholders, such as provincial governments. This will increase affordability and balance the requirements of all parties while ensuring that immigrants have everything they need to integrate successfully.

Canadians Provincial Immigration Results

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Candidates for the Master’s and PhD graduate streams of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) received Invitations to Apply on October 30. Since neither sketch included a specific occupation, they were both broad. Candidates for the Master’s graduate stream who scored at least 43 were invited by the province. Additionally, 66 Ph.D. graduate stream candidates who scored at least 42 were invited.

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British Columbia PNP

On October 31, British Columbia extended invitations to over 203 PNP hopefuls. The Province conducted four distinct draws. The majority of candidates were deemed to be semiskilled with a minimum score of 91, international graduates with a minimum score of 113 at entry level, and skilled workers with a minimum score of 111.

The next three draws were restricted to skilled laborers and recent overseas graduates and were occupation-specific. Each candidate had to receive at least 60 points;

  • 48 Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
  • 22 healthcare professions
  • less than five other priority occupations


On November 1, Quebec unveiled its own immigration levels strategy. Quebec establishes goals for the economic immigrants it will encourage to apply for permanent selection, much like the federal immigration levels plan. However, this year, the province only establishes goals for 2024 and 2025. Normally, Quebec sets goals up to four years ahead of time, but with this plan, it is only doing so for two years.

To assess the effectiveness of the recent mandate that all candidates possess French language proficiency to be evaluated for permanent selection, the province has set goals to hire 3,650 skilled workers in 2024 and 31,500 in 2025. On October 26, the two most recent provincial immigration drawings were held, inviting 1,220 candidates each.

A score of more than 465 points was used to target various trade occupations in the initial draw. Candidates in technology, healthcare, and other key occupations with scores higher than 608 were the focus of the second draw. Candidates needed to demonstrate at least a level seven oral proficiency in French, as measured by the AEL or its equivalent, to qualify for both draws.

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October 24 and October 26 results recently released by Alberta. 22 applicants received an invitation from the government on October 24 via the special Healthcare pathway with the Alberta employment offer stream. Thus, with a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score of 326 set by the lowest-ranked contestants. One hundred qualified candidates under the family and primary occupation in demand stream received the call to the October 26 draw. The required minimum CRS score for these applicants set at 369. Candidates also included in the express entry application pool for both draws.

Manitoba PNP

Through the Manitoba PNP, 400 candidates submitted nomination applications to Manitoba. The Province conducted three different draws on November 2. The first, a general draw for 204 skilled professionals in Manitoba with at least a 768 score. The second also for foreign skilled laborers. 65 applicants with a 708 score received an invitation from the Province as part of a deliberate hiring campaign. 131 applicants from the International Education stream also invited to the final draw; with no minimum score applied.

Prince Edward Island

Additionally, 41 individuals for labor and express entry received the opportunity to apply by PEI on November 2. Those who worked in the manufacturing, food processing, healthcare, or agricultural industries qualified for selection as candidates. Through the PEI PNP, PEI has welcomed 2385 applicants to apply over the last 12 months.

The provinces of Canada continue to be attractive immigration destinations because they actively seek out individuals who can enhance their local economies and communities. Six provinces have demonstrated, in the most recent provincial immigration statistics, their dedication to embracing newcomers possessing the abilities and credentials required to prosper in a multicultural and ever-changing country. The provincial nominee programs promise a better future for Canada and individuals who choose to apply as they develop further.

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