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Employment-Based US Immigration Update || DOL Schedule List – US Immigration

November 20th, 2023 at 05:02 am

Employment-Based US Immigration Update || DOL Schedule List – US Immigration

A significant update on employment-based immigration is provided by Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence. The new executive order on artificial intelligence issued by the White House represents a significant change in employment-based immigration rules and the start of a potentially revolutionary process.

To examine schedule modifications, President Biden has mandated that the Department of Labor (DOL) release a Request for Information (RFI) by December 13.

A List of Occupations

The purpose of the RFI is to gather information about careers in AI and other STEM fields. This is a significant move that seeks input from the general public and experts to clarify the subtleties of updating the list—a provision that hasn’t been updated since 1991.

One potential solution to the pressing job shortages the US is now experiencing is the schedule list’s updating.

Understanding Schedule

One of the most crucial parts of the US employment-based immigration procedure is a schedule. Its purpose was to assist the nation in luring in outside talent to address labor shortages in several industries and high-demand professions. The requirement for workers has already been recognized by the Secretary of Labor.

As a result, some labor-intensive phases in the certification process are dropped. When an employer files a petition with USCIS to sponsor a foreign worker, they also include the labor certification application.

There are only two occupational groups on the current Schedule A list in Group I: professional nurses and physical therapists. There is also group two in Schedule A for specific workers in the arts or sciences. Since 1991, there have been no notable modifications to the schedule A list, making it out of date and detached from the reality of the modern labor market, the quickly changing nature of the employment market, and the additional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This list needs to be updated and reevaluated immediately.

Updating the Schedule A List of Occupations

DOL should update the schedule using a data-driven methodology. a list of the professions where shortages are currently occurring, as opposed to compiling a static list. This entails using thorough labor market data to guarantee that the list appropriately reflects the professions with the worst shortages.

The DOL can identify industries that are facing severe shortages and need assistance by examining trends in employment growth salary patterns, unemployment rates, and job vacancy rates. Such tactics have been effectively implemented by the UK and NZ. These countries frequently update their shortage occupation lists based on feedback from key stakeholders and in-depth labor market research.

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A responsive immigration system that changes to meet skill demands and the ever-shifting economic landscape is made possible by this dynamic approach. Schedule A modernization goes beyond the short-term advantages of hiring new employees. It represents a dedication to upholding the United States’ position as a center of innovation and advancement.

By drawing in highly sought-after international talent In fields such as STEM and healthcare, the United States can guarantee that it possesses the requisite workforce to propel progress in these vital domains.

A data-driven revision to schedule A may also influence more general economic plans, such as those about the creation of industry education, training initiatives, and workforce targeting. Collaborations like this strategic plan could help the domestic workforce upgrade its skills to meet future demands. Consequently, praising the efforts of global talent

White House’s AI Executive Order

The AI executive order from the White House is a significant development for employment-based immigration. Updating schedules through data-driven changes coincides with current economic realities and provides stability and flexibility to the employment-based immigration system, potentially reshaping the labor certification process. By taking this action, the US may close significant labor shortages, promote economic expansion, and maintain its competitiveness in the world market.

It benefits US workers as well as international talent. Unless Congress also updates the employment-based categories of Immigrant Visas, imposing annual limits and long weight times. Many foreign workers may continue to look for possibilities abroad until they become lawful permanent residents of the US.

Warehouse Associate Jobs in USA

The following are a few of the highest-paying warehouse associate positions in the US:

Warehouse Manager

The entire warehouse operation, including receiving shipments, managing stocks, and guaranteeing on-time product delivery, is under the supervision of the warehouse manager. They need to be excellent communicators and organizers who can manage a group of workers. reports that the average yearly salary for a warehouse manager in the United States is $63,445.

Logistics Coordinator

The planning and management of the transportation of goods and supplies is within the purview of logistics coordinators. They work closely with truck drivers and warehouse managers to ensure that goods are delivered effectively and on time. The average yearly salary for a logistics coordinator in the US is $56,647, according to


Inventory Control Specialist

Maintaining inventory levels and making sure that goods are appropriately stocked and accounted for are the responsibilities of an inventory control professional. Using computer systems, they keep track of inventory levels and perform data analysis to decide when to place fresh product orders. In the US, the yearly salary for an inventory control specialist is $38,809.

Supply Chain Analyst

A supply chain analyst conducts data analysis and offers suggestions for enhancing the effectiveness of the supply chain. To find and implement changes, they work closely with logistics coordinators and warehouse managers. The average yearly salary for a supply chain analyst in the US is currently between $48,961 and $71,000, according to

Warehouse Supervisor

A warehouse supervisor accounts for overseeing a group of warehouse employees and making sure that inventory remains correctly maintained and distributed. They need to be well-versed in warehouse operations and possess strong leadership and communication skills. In the US, the yearly salary for a warehouse supervisor is $52,181.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Shipments that arrive and depart are handled by a shipping and receiving clerk. They have to be meticulous and able to track and record inventory levels with accuracy. The average yearly salary for a shipping and receiving clerk in the US is $32,950, according to

Forklift Operator

Using a forklift, a forklift operator is responsible for transferring goods and materials across the warehouse. They must have exceptional hand-eye coordination and be able to drive a forklift safely and effectively. In the US, the hourly compensation for a forklift operator is $17.57.

Material Handler

A material handler is responsible for moving merchandise throughout the warehouse using dollies and hand trucks, among other equipment. They must be able to lift heavy objects safely and in good physical condition. The average hourly pay for a material handler in the US is between $14.53 and $17, according to

Amazon Warehouse Associate

One of the top companies in the nation for warehouse laborers is Amazon, which provides competitive pay, benefits, and growth opportunities. Nonetheless, $20 is the typical hourly pay for a Warehouse Associate at Amazon.

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