DEMO LOOMING: Students go wild as UDS management adopt strange fee payment system

DEMO LOOMING: Students go wild as UDS management adopt strange fee payment system

The leadership of the students representative council of the UDS seem to be battling with a hectic situation. Fees calculations has made students unhappy.

Ideally, university management involves executives of the SRC on fee negotiation. However, the management of UDS have taken an entrenched position not to do fee negotiation. However, they are sticking to a system they best call as the ‘flat rate’.

This strange system of fee paying only seem to make education at UDS so unbearable for the poor. In the normal trend of tertiary fee payment, they argue that fees must be reducing proportionally.

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From checks, the SRC President of UDS Navrongo campus, RAYMOND KORBLA OTIVI, has made several attempt reaching out to public institutions for their intervention.

“I have worked with so many institutions and agencies on this case like ministry of education, NCTE, parliamentary select committee on education, EOCO and Ghana Integrity Initiative and this is what management must know.” the SRC President revealed.

It does appear that the UDS management and the public institutions have not taken enough steps to address their concern. This has triggered an impending protest, Eagle eye correspondents of broke this secret.

NewsNowGh’s closest monitoring on the whatsapp status of the SRC President Raymond reported that “The day my people will strike, I hope they don’t complain that I failed to use wisdom in this case when they are our fathers and we are expecting better from them but they intentionally disregarded us.”

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