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Cummins Africa Invites Job Applications

Cummins Africa Invites Job Applications

Job Title: General Manager – Ghana

Job Description

  • Plans and runs the day-to-day business of a small group. Management can cover the whole world, a part of an area, a single business in a country, or a joint venture that Cummins controls. Managers carry out operating policies and processes.
  • Meet or beat the group of responsibility’s balanced scorecard goals.
  • Manages income and expenses and how assets are used.
  • Makes business plans based on the strategic goals set by the head of the business unit.
  • Grows the business while making money.
  • Manages various functions.
  • Managers put in place working policies and procedures in many areas, such as customer service, finance, quality control, purchasing, managing materials, and human resources.
  • Where possible, use the Cummins Operation System functions to follow common global business practices.
  • Prepares for, identifies, helps solve, and coordinates the resolution of cross-functional problems that could affect the success of the company.
  • Builds and keeps up good relationships with customers.
  • Gets good scores for customer satisfaction.
  • Works with customers and other Cummins workers to make sure customers are always happy and to figure out what they will need from Cummins in the future.
  • Turns the organization’s long-term business plan into short-term business goals that can be achieved.
  • Leader of the organization’s Six Sigma and continuous growth efforts.
  • Managers are trained, led, and inspired by the person in charge. Goals are set for training and growth, performance, and career planning.
  • Builds teams that work well together.
  • Knows everything there is to know about all of Cummins’ businesses.
  • Finds and creates new business opportunities for Cummins that are best for the company.
  • Knows the area where the company works as well as its products and presence around the world.
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  • Attracts the best people – Finding and hiring the best people to meet business needs now and in the future.
  • Builds strong teams where people with different skills and points of view work together to reach the same goals.
  • Builds networks—Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside of the company.
  • Business insight is using what you know about business and the market to help your company reach its goals.
  • Customer focus means building strong relationships with customers and giving them answers that are tailored to their needs.
  • Quality of decisions: Making good decisions at the right time to keep the company moving forward.
  • Shows self-awareness by using feedback and self-reflection to gain a better understanding of their own skills and weaknesses.
  • Drives success – Consistently getting things done, even when things are hard.
  • goal and purpose are driven by painting a compelling picture of the goal and strategy, which gets other people to act.
  • Financial savvy is the ability to understand key financial indicators and use that knowledge to make better business choices.
  • Manages conflicts – Dealing with them well and with as little noise as possible.
  • Influence the health and safety culture by getting leaders and workers to create the right environment.
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Education, Licenses, Certifications

  • Engineering, business, or a related field degree from a college or university, or an equivalent degree, is needed. Preferred is a graduate degree in business or a related area.
  • Green Belt approved.


  • There is a need for a lot of knowledge, including in management, products, customers, and budgeting.
  • A lot of experience in the same business

How to Apply for this Cummins Africa Job

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 30th April 2023

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