Politics and quest for power dominance in the world remain a significant banter from time immemorial. Greed, threats, conflicts, wars, etc by human makes the struggle for global dominance a paramount concern for most states, nations, and countries. Human security and defense issues and the question of who is the world superpower? economic power? among others has been of great interest to most advanced countries like the US, China, France, Germany, etc. These countries spend billions of dollars on research to unleash modern and more sophisticated technologies in protecting their territories, fight their enemies, enhance their agricultural sector, as well as their health and economic sectors.

From the 9th century to date weapons such as; guns, arrows and bows, missiles, etc are the most popular weapons used by states, individuals and countries in their defense systems. Undoubtedly, the world has witnessed its mass destruction, loss of lives, hunger and displacement of people for far too long. With the threat, panic, and danger associated with the use of these weapons, various international platforms, organisation, and institutions have expressed concern about the need to thwart its use in human society.

In today’s world, researchers are turning attention from nuclear weapons production to bioweapons production. Countries are now focusing on using bioweapons as a swift, silence and subtle tool for fighting their enemies. A case study of the recent COVID-19 pandemic which is melting down the entire world indicates that bioweapons are more destructive than nuclear weapons. According to a school of thought, the virus has existed for long and was found in bats. Although microorganisms or bios undergo goes mutation, however, they could be modified. These modifications could be facilitated by humans to suit their intended agenda. As the US and China apportion blames on each other for creating this tragic virus that has claimed the lives of not less than 18,552 people across the globe at the time this article was written, the actual fact has not yet been established on who created it.

Another school of thought also believes it’s a virus caused as a result of man’s sin. To this school of thought, they believe coronavirus is a punishment from God and backing that with biblical and quranic quotations and prophecies.  But to come to the actual conclusion of whether it is a man-made virus or punishment from God, the game of thrones still ensues (the quest to claim economic power status and world dominance) between China and the US and should not be underestimated.

By: Alpha Raphael Mensah Kugblenu.

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