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Compassion International Latest Job Posting

Compassion International Latest Job Posting

Job Title: Partnership Facilitator II 

This middle-level worker is the main point of contact between Compassion and the local church. He or she is in charge of strengthening the local ownership, capacity, and resources of local church partners so that they can minister to children and youth in their own environment.

As the main point of contact, this facilitator is in charge of building relationships with church partners based on mutual respect, trust, and service that help the church ministry grow. He or she is responsible for facilitating partner relationships through the Partner Management core process, improving how well church goals are met, and making sure that all other parts of the partnership are done with a developmental mindset.

At this level of a career, the person in charge usually works alone on projects or goals that are only moderately hard and does so with the help of other specialists. He or she may give training to other facilitators.


  • Keeps in touch with Jesus Christ on a personal level. Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, treats people in and out of Compassion with kindness and a Christ-like attitude, and prays regularly for Compassion’s ministry.
  • Also, Acts as a spokesperson to bring attention to the needs of children.
  • Knows that Christ told us to look out for children.
  • Shows a personal commitment to serving, respecting, and empowering the church in line with Compassion’s ministry philosophies.
  • Church Maturation: A developmental mindset and the Partnership Management core process help strengthen church ownership and capacity.
  • Planning: Helps church partners plan their ministry to children and young people (CY).
  • Coordination of CFT: Makes sure that each church partner gets the help they need from the Church Facing Team (CFT).
  • Documents, with the help of all other CFT members, the help they give to church partners and follow up on problems that have been found.
  • Cluster operations: Oversees a group of churches while showing sensitivity to the local situation and needs of each church in the group.
  • Helps and encourages activities and resources at the cluster level.
  • Tries to build relationships and connections between people in the cluster.
  • Encourages local churches to work together in groups and start projects to improve their work with children, learn from each other, and meet other needs in families and the community.
  • Brings together people who care and people in the community to help with follow-up actions as needed.
  • Uses skills and knowledge in mobilization and facilitation to find out what church partners really want and need, and then works with cross-functional specialists to choose and implement creative solutions.
  • May help other professionals and support staff in the partnership field with their problems.
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Has a relationship with Jesus Christ on a personal level.


Responsible for supporting, upholding, and acting on Compassion’s core “Cultural Behaviors” in all communications and relationships with people inside and outside the organization.


Bachelor’s degree in social work, project management, community development, or a similar field.


Three years of relevant work experience in this field or one that is similar.


  • It will be helpful to be able to talk in the Akan language.
  • Gaining work experience in a poor area.
  • License to drive a car and the ability to ride a motorcycle; Licenses and Certification
  • Experience and education shown above can be replaced by education, training, and/or certification of the same level.
  • Working Environment at the Office – The Typical Office Setting
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How to Apply for this Compassion International Latest Job

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Deadline: February 7, 2023

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