CHECK NOW || Ghana Statistical Service releases full list of shortlisted applicants

As the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)  has released the list of shortlisted or selected applicants (Enumerators List) for the June 2020 population and housing census (PHC). An interview would begin soon after which those who pass the interview will be invited for training sometime late May or early June. This was revealed in an earlier post the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) as stated below:

They have a shortfall of applicants in a few districts and the District Census Officers in those particular districts have been tasked to encourage qualified persons who are residents of those districts to apply at the district level. 

That is to say, some districts would engage in a manual application at the district level instead of the online application. The requirements for application at the district level is that applicants must be a resident or native of the districts i.e conversant with the language, terrain, etc.

If you still wish to apply, kindly contact your District Office and ask of the District Census Officer. If there are still vacancies for enumerator applications for that particular district, he/she will assist you to apply so long as you meet the minimum qualification i.e SHS Graduate.

Once the application at the district level is done, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) will now go ahead to shortlist and invite qualified applicants for the interview

Those who pass the interview will be invited for training sometime late May or early June.

The recruitment for the District Census Officers ( they will be in charge of Census work for the districts) is over however and they have already started work.

We expect to also engage District Level Data and IT personnel in addition to the over 60 thousand enumerators that we will be engaging in.

Kindly note that the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has a Facebook page dedicated to the Census.

How To Check And Download The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)Population Census (PHC) Shortlisted / Selected Applicants (Enumerators List) 2020

First download the list of shortlisted or selected applicants, which is an excel file provided below.

The 14 mb file contains the list of over Hundred Thousand and Ninety Four 149,094 applicants and their respective details such as Surname, FirstName, Email, phone numbers, secondary  phone numbers , date of birth, gender, Region, district, prefered district 1, preferred district 2, main language, secondary language, Town, education, speciality among others.

Open the file in excel, preferably on PC

Then search for your name using your surname, by clicking on “ctrl+F” and typing in the search box.

Click on next till you arrive at your name.

A faster way to check your name is to search with your phone number used for the registration by omitting the “0”. If your phone number is 0121212121, search with 121212121 and you will arrive right at your details if your details are in the list.

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  1. There have been changes in my preferred districts. Kindly offer me assistance on how I should go about rectifying the issue. Thank you

  2. There have been changes in my preferred district . kindly offer me assistance on how i should go about rectifying the issue. Thanks in anticipation.

    • First download the file.
      Click on FIND at the top right corner of your Excel sheet OR press Ctrl+F
      Type your name or email in the search box.
      Press Find.
      Keep pressing if there are many people with similar details as yours until you find yours.
      Hope this helps.
      Have a blissful day.
      I’m Michael Frimpong.

      • If the phone you are using supports exile, download the list and be scrolling through you will definitely find your name. It may takes you sometime since the list is very long.

  3. please the region i select was Eastern but is change to volta,please can it be change back to eastern(Denkyembour(akwatia) district)?

  4. Dear Sir,
    My preferred regions and districts have been changed and have been given a totally different district and region.
    How could be helped to revert to my preferred region and district.
    Kind regards

  5. Please my preferred region and language has been changed from manhyia north to effutu senya district, and the languages twi , hausa to mole dagwani. Kindly help tell me how to go about it. Thank you.

  6. Hello please I’m called Abubakari Sadik.
    Please I applied since december but I could not see my name on the shortlisted applicants list

  7. Please , my name is David Yeboah , l got a test message today from Ghana stats , that l should update my information by using some code which they add it to the message as form ID to log in but when l enter the form lD number in the box , they still ask me to add some information to it when l press next, please can anyone help me?

  8. Pls someone should kindly send me the list on my WhatsApp 0249361762 because I can’t find the file here fr download. Tnx

  9. Please my name is Amos Amoak, I have applied but my name is not on the list. Please help me out with this. I even printed out my form after a successful application.

  10. Please i cant find the file to download the shortlisted applicants. i need someone to help by forwarding file to my whatsap number 0243020819. Specifically, Eastern Region shortlisted.

  11. please sir my preferred district and have been changed and i have been given a totally different district. please help me change my disctrict

    • Please I applied and was given the serial number and pin but my name isn’t included so how do I know the districts that has the second chance to recruit manually ?

  12. Pls I chose Ejisu Municipal as my first district but it’s been changed to Pru West in the Bono East Region.

  13. Please download the Excel file is the problem because i can’t any download button for and besides using PC as stated.

  14. Please I can’t find the file in order to check mine. Can someone WhatsApp me with the file. My number is 0542891056

  15. i can’t save and continue to the next stage after the residential stage.
    it has been loading since morning.

  16. Hello, please can someone help i can’t validate my passport picture it’s not even contact 0546124006

  17. Please help me out with the list. I can’t see it and to talk of of opening.
    My contact is 0241183456
    Help me out please.

  18. Please why should a shortlisted applicant pay 20gh in other to fix an interview date, I just had a message which gave me that information

  19. My name was found in a district I did not choose. How can I correct that. Again, I did not not receive my update message.

  20. Pls I chose sefwi wiawso district but now am in bibiani awaso bekwai of which I want to change it to wiawso

  21. please i received a mail for final review on 25 this month, after replying what next for me to do?

  22. Hello and good afternoon sir/madam , please with all due respect, I did receive a call from the GSS telling me where I will be gathering data for the census, but afterwards I haven’t heard from them anymore
    I actually have not seen the list on this page as well, please if you could help me have a copy I will be so much grateful . [email protected]
    Thank you .

  23. hello I am Iddrisu Ibrahim Bangahim and i am an applicant but there is some problem i am facing thus i cant login and i cant even find the list to check on my name. last i checked some few months ago and my name was there mean while i was given a region that i never chosen and since till date i cant access my informations nor was i given a message to make some correction i wish if you could help me out.
    please you can contact me on [email protected] or whatsapp me on 0247807555 please also i will like to have the list of the shortlisted. thank you

  24. When will the service start? Because some of the applicants are in University, polytechnic,shs jhs and the rest. Does it mean they out of the process

  25. Please according to the schedule tomorrow is the April 5,2021 on which Supervisors and Enumerators would commence training but as at now No information about which centre or venue have been sent me,Gab Gabriel Y. Nyalemegbe where the training would take place, what should I do to get the needed information on this issue? [email protected].

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