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Canada Seasonal Work Visa 2023/2024 – Complete Guide

October 26th, 2023 at 05:09 am

Canada Seasonal Work Visa 2023/2024 – Complete Guide

By way of the Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program, Canada will keep providing seasonal jobs to people from all around the world in 2024. Whether you are a foreign job seeker or a Canadian resident, this thorough guide will walk you through the Canada Seasonal Work Visa Process for 2024. Seasonal Jobs from Job Bank Canada with LMIA Approval.

The Temporary Foreign Agricultural Program’s Agriculture Stream is essential for linking Canadian firms with foreign workers when there is a shortage of labor in Canada. International laborers can find several chances in this industry to work in a range of agricultural roles, including machinery operation, horticulture, farm management, and ground maintenance.

Job Details

  • Job Country: Canada
  • Program: Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program
  • Who can apply: Everyone
  • LMIA: Positive LMIA approval
  • Visa Type: Agriculture Worker
  • Salary Range: Varies by occupation; competitive wages offered

Financial Benefits by Canadian Employers

Employers in Canada offer significant assistance to their foreign workers in the Agriculture Stream, including:

  • Transportation: To ensure safe and affordable travel, employers plan and finance round-trip transportation for employees between their place of employment in Canada and their home nation.
  • Accommodation: Employers must make sure that seasonal foreign workers in Canada have pleasant living quarters by providing appropriate and reasonably priced accommodation.
  • Health Insurance: By offering their employees full health insurance, employers support their employees’ well-being for the duration of their work.
  • Training: To help their employees grow both personally and professionally, certain Canadian firms may provide their seasonal employees opportunities to further their knowledge and skill sets through training.

Eligible Occupations and Codes (Agriculture Stream)

The following are the qualifying professions, along with a brief description and code for each:

  • 80020: Agricultural Managers: Supervise farming activities, control resources, and guarantee output.
  • 80021: horticulture Managers: Oversee horticulture tasks such as upkeep, landscaping, and plant cultivation.
  • 82030: Agriculture and Farm Supervisors: Oversee farm activities, assign duties, and guarantee a productive workflow.
  • 82031: Ground Maintenance: Take care of and maintain the grounds, including field and landscaping maintenance.
  • 84120: Machinery Operators: Use a variety of tools and machinery to carry out agricultural tasks.
  • 84121: Heavy Equipment Operators: Operate large equipment for construction, excavation, and clearance of land.
  • 85100: Livestock Laborers (Farm Workers): Carry out duties about the feeding, cleaning, and health supervision of animals on farms.
  • 85101: Harvesting (Vegetables, Fruit Picker): To ensure high-quality food, harvest fruits and vegetables at their ripest.
  • 85102: Fowl Workers: Handle feeding, gathering eggs, and maintaining coops for fowl.
  • 85103: Nursery: Take care of plants at different phases of growth and help with propagation while working in plant nurseries.
  • 85104: Greenhouse Workers: Uphold greenhouse conditions, taking care of plants and controlling the surroundings.
  • 86130: Aquaculture Workers: Perform maintenance, observation, and feeding duties in connection with fish and seafood production.
  • 86131: Aquaculture Technicians: Help with equipment handling, water quality assurance, and management of aquaculture operations.
  • 86132: Fishermen and Shellfish Harvesters: Work in the fishing and shellfish harvesting industries.
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How long can I be in the agriculture stream?

The work permit under the Agriculture Stream is normally granted for three years, providing foreign workers with a substantial and prolonged chance to immerse themselves in Canadian agriculture and culture.

Costs of a Canada Seasonal Work Visa

When applying for a Canada Seasonal Work Visa, be prepared to pay additional expenses, such as a CAD 150 work permit application fee and a CAD 85 biometrics fee (if necessary).

Advantages of the Canada Seasonal Work Visa

  • Employment Opportunities: Seasonal businesses including agriculture, tourism, and hospitality usually need more workers during peak seasons. These sectors offer prospects for temporary work.
  • Cash flow: Working in Canada allows you to support your family and possibly save money while earning competitive pay in a stable economy.
  • Interaction with Culture: Working as a seasonal worker in Canada can be a great way to learn more about the country, meet locals, and improve your English or French language proficiency.
  • Work Knowledge: Getting work experience in Canada can improve your CV and open up more job prospects both in Canada and in your home country.
  • Networking: Working seasonally allows you to build a network of contacts in your field that may prove useful for future career growth.
  • Social Benefits: Social services, healthcare, and a good standard of living are all well-known in Canada. As a temporary worker, you can be eligible for some of these advantages, depending on your visa program.
  • Routes to Become a Permanent Citizen: Temporary workers in Canada may, under certain circumstances, be able to seek permanent residency through initiatives like the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which may lead to long-term immigration benefits.
  • Travel possibilities: During time off from work, there are many of possibilities to travel and explore Canada’s vast and diverse scenery.
  • Security and Safety: Canada is a desirable destination for temporary workers because of the widespread belief that it is a safe and friendly country.
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Final Thoughts

Foreign workers have a unique opportunity to work seasonal jobs in Canada’s stunning scenery according to the country’s Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program. You can start a fulfilling journey of work and cultural exchange in the Far North by following the Canada Seasonal Work Visa Process for 2024 and looking into the seasonal jobs that have been approved by the LMIA. Get ready for your trip to Canada today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seasonal worker visa for Canada?

Under the “Temporary Foreign Agricultural Program,” which allows firms in Canada to hire foreign workers from any nation when Canadians are not available, the Agriculture Stream is one of the possible streams. Employers in Canada may now hire foreign nationals to cover temporary positions in agriculture thanks to the Agriculture Stream.

Does Canada offer a seasonal visa?

For seasonal employment in Canada, international workers are granted this visa. In general, the agricultural industry is in dire need of laborers. Since these are season-based visas to work on farms and fruit gardens, they are sometimes known as farm worker visas, fruit picker visas, or seasonal agriculture visas.

What is a Canadian two-year working visa?

What is the program for the IEC Working Holiday Visa to Canada? It gives young people from more than 30 nations temporary work visas so they can reside and work legally in Canada. Depending on your nation of citizenship, the permits have a 12 or 24-month validity.

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