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Canada Immigration Guide | Checklist for Submitting an Application for Canadian Immigration

September 27th, 2023 at 02:14 am

Canada Immigration Guide | Checklist for Submitting an Application for Canadian Immigration

Some Canadian immigration applications are still being processed on paper. If you are applying to sponsor a family member, renew your PR card, as a Provincial Nominee, or for Canadian Citizenship. Here are some things you should think about before submitting your application.

1. Verify the form’s legitimacy.

Every form and document checklist that is used for Canadian immigration has the publication date printed in the bottom left-hand corner of the document. Whenever the form is changed in any way, the most recent publishing date will be indicated. If you are submitting a paper application, check to see that you are submitting the most up-to-date version of each form.

Check the online version of each form to see when it was published, and compare that date to the one displayed on the forms you generated. Before you send in your application, make sure the copy you have has been updated to reflect any changes that may have been made to the online form.

2. Check signature dates twice.

When an application is submitted to the IRCC, the forms will only be considered genuine if the signatures on each form are less than ninety days old at the time the application is submitted. If your forms are too old by the time they reach the facility that processes them, the IRCC will send back your whole application and instruct you to start the process over again.

It is essential that you do not sign any of your forms until after you have determined whether or not you are qualified for the application that you are making. For instance, if you are looking for a common-law sponsorship, you need to ensure that your documentation is signed and dated after you have fulfilled the criteria of living together for a period of one year. If you sign your paperwork too quickly, your application will be rejected since you do not meet the requirements.

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3. Maintain a complete copy of your application, just as you want to deliver it.

Immediately prior to putting in your application, you should either generate a complete hard copy or take a complete scan of it. This is really important for many different reasons. It is possible for envelopes to go missing in the mail, for the IRCC to lose pages of your application, and for you to forget all of the dates that you have provided at some time (for instance, while applying for citizenship or renewing your PR card).

In addition, if IRCC contacts you at a later date and advises you that they are not satisfied that you qualify for the program for which you submitted, you will be given a period of time to submit more submissions to indicate that you do qualify for the program. If this occurs, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that you do qualify for the program by submitting these extra submissions. At that point, it will be essential for you to be able to evaluate the information that you have presented in order to determine what further supporting evidence you can supply to strengthen your application.

4. Send it using a traceable mode, such as Express Post or courier.

You are required to be able to provide evidence that the IRCC received your application, as well as the date on which it was received. You may put this information to use in a variety of settings, including assisting the IRCC in locating an application that is taking longer than anticipated or demonstrating the relevance of one application to another (for instance, if you need to make an application for a work permit based on your PR application that is currently in process). After you have sent in the application, you should make sure to track its delivery and retain a record of the proof of delivery until you receive confirmation from the IRCC that it has been received.

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5. Double-check your images.

The passport-sized photographs that are required to be submitted with a paper application for immigration present a variety of issues, and your application may be returned to you without having been processed in certain instances. Make sure that you give the photo requirements that have been given for the type of application that you are submitting the attention and focus that they deserve. By measuring the proportions of your photograph, you may ensure that it satisfies the prerequisites set forth by the frame.

By measuring your photo from the very bottom of your chin to the very top of your head, you can check to see if your head size falls anywhere between the minimum and maximum dimensions stated in the photo criteria. If it does, then your photo will be accepted. Examine the backs of the pictures to figure out what kind of information is required for the assignment. The vast majority of the time, in addition to your own name and date of birth, you will also need the name and address of the photographer, in addition to the date the photo was taken, in order to properly identify yourself in a photograph.

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The Way Immigration has developed a comprehensive quality assurance procedure in order to guarantee that the files that leave our office meet the requirements of the IRCC. The fact that your application has been accurately filled out and that you do not need to worry about it is typically the most helpful service that we are able to provide for our customers. Allow us to reduce the amount of stress you are under by utilizing our knowledgeable approach to the immigration process.



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