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Canada Free Work Permit: Canada Relocation & Rural Renewal Stream 2023

Canada Free Work Permit: Canada Relocation & Rural Renewal Stream 2023

The rural renewal stream 2023 Community designation is covered in this article. Find all the necessary details here.

The rural rejuvenation stream helps newcomers integrate into the community while addressing the present labor shortages and skill gaps in rural Alberta towns. For this stream, a community must apply for community designation with the government of Alberta. This stream is community-driven; after it has been chosen, the community collaborates with businesses to promote, hire, and retain newcomers by providing information on settlement assistance.

This could involve things like lodging, instruction, medical care, and services like language learning. Candidates for the rural renewal stream must be chosen and supported by a designated community and satisfy all requirements.

If you cannot provide an endorsement of a candidate letter from a recognized community, do not apply to the province of Alberta.

List of Designated Communities and Designation Date

Community Designation Date
City of Brooks (including: Town of Bassano, Village of Duchess, County of Newell, Village of Rosemary) May 13, 2022
City of Grande Prairie July 6, 2022
Town of Whitecourt July 20, 2022
Town of Taber (including: Municipal District of Taber, Town of Vauxhall, Town of Coaldale, Town of Picture Butte, Lethbridge County) July 20, 2022
Town of Innisfail (including: Town of Olds, Town of Bowden) September 9, 2022
Municipal District of Smoky River (including: Town of Falher, Village of Donnelly, Village of Girouxville) September 9, 2022
County of Grande Prairie (including: Town of Sexsmith, Town of Wembley, Town of Beaverlodge) September 9, 2022
Town of Trochu September 9, 2022
Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo September 9, 2022
Municipality of Jasper September 13, 2022
Town of Edson November 8, 2022
County of Barrhead (including the Town of Barrhead) November 8, 2022
Town of Hinton November 8, 2022
Town of Fairview (including Village of Hines Creek) January 13, 2023
The City of Medicine Hat (including County of Forty Mile, Cypress County, Town of Bow Island, and Town of Redcliff) January 13, 2023
Town of Fox Creek February 13, 2023
City of Cold Lake March 10, 2023
County of St. Paul (including Town of St Paul, Town of Elk Point, Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay) March 10, 2023
Town of Drayton Valley March 10, 2023
Athabasca County (including the Town of Athabasca, Village of Boyle) March 10, 2023
Town of Slave Lake (including Sawridge First Nation, Municipal District of Lesser Slave River) March 10, 2023
City of Lloydminster March 29, 2023
City of Lethbridge March 29, 2023
Town of Westlock March 29, 2023
Municipal District of Greenview No.16 (including The Town of Valleyview) March 29, 2023
Town of Peace River June 14, 2023
Town of Sylvan Lake June 14, 2023


Community Designation

Interested Communities complete an application for community designation. Communities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants will receive more points. Once a community is recognized, it can use this stream to draw in, hire, and keep people.

Mandatory Requirements

Only applications that satisfy all of the conditions outlined below will be considered;

  • First and foremost, rural villages with a population under 100,000.
  • Also, rural villages in the same economic region can collaborate.
  • Third, the population count relies on data from the 2016 census as the reference year.
  • Additionally, communities must then not be part of the census metropolitan areas for Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Moreover, a minimum of one or more employers interested in joining and have openings for full-time, non-seasonal employment for the next minimum of 12 months.
  • Furthermore, a letter of support from the municipal council of the participating municipality, signed by the mayor or Reef
  • Besides that, the economic development institution with a primary focus on economic development signs and applies.
  • Lastly, there is no requirement that an economic development plan or comparable document be up to date.

Unpermitted Use of the Stream

You cannot use the rural renewal stream for;

  • Recruiting seasonal or part-time employees.
  • Second, if a person is nominated under the stream and their occupation is regulated or if they must fulfill Alberta industry trade standards for a particular trade in Alberta, they will still need to obtain a license from the appropriate provincial regulatory authority.
  • Third, the Canadian government still needs to approve applications for permanent residency.

How to Apply

To participate in the rural renewal stream, towns must have the ability to recruit and welcome newcomers. A foreign national who does not have citizenship or permanent residency in Canada is a candidate for the rural renewal stream. This person can be residing inside or outside of the Canada Community. Local governments will be accountable for;

  • First, locating and collaborating with local firms that have full-time, permanent positions that aren’t seasonal that need to be filled for a minimum of a year.
  • The next step is to make contact with a settlement-providing group to determine and prepare for some of the settlement needs in the neighborhood.
  • Also, creating optional additional criteria for hiring foreign nationals
  • Additionally, this can entail limiting the professions that the community is interested in hiring for.
  • Likewise, answering questions from foreign nationals while Community is actively recruiting
  • Furthermore, working with companies to choose and support the foreign national
  • Moreover, creating and putting into practice a strategy for integrating and settling newcomers from abroad.

The rural renewal stream does not receive any direct support. To recruit, welcome, and keep newcomers in rural Alberta, the government of Alberta distributes funds to promote the capacity building of small centers or rural areas. A yearly request for proposals that supports community capacity building includes these funds.

Complete the Application Form

In collaboration with the community, an organization for economic development completes the application. Applications that are not complete or that do not meet all of the standards must not be assessed.

Endorsement Support Letter

A letter of support that has been endorsed is also a part of the application procedure. The mayor or Reef must sign the letter on behalf of the participating town or municipal council. On business letterhead, the letter should include the following information:

  • First, the town or municipality supporting the application’s participation, along with its name and address.
  • Also, the participating town or municipality recognizes the meeting where this initiative was discussed as well as its support.
  • Additionally, the participating town or municipality understands that, if their Community is declared, the name of their Community will be placed on the website of the government of Alberta.
  • Next, the mayor’s name, title, and contact information or a new letter of support

Submit the Application

Emailing with the completed application and supporting papers is required for designation. A point system will be used to evaluate applications. In the application, points are listed for each category.

A community cannot be designated unless it receives at least 150 points. If many applications are submitted simultaneously, the applicant who receives the highest score will be chosen.

Representatives from the Government of Alberta will assess the first application and inform the applicant if the application is complete, that all required information has been given, and that all requirements have been met.

Review or Processing Time

The number of applications will determine how long this examination will take. The applicant will get an email confirming the precise date of submission once the application is examined and determined to be complete. The application cannot be changed at this time. Within eight weeks of the formal filing date, the application will be reviewed, and a government representative will get in touch with the community to let them know how it is progressing.

Community Designation Validity Period

If further time is required, the applicant is contacted through email and also informed of the application’s outcome. The community’s designation will be valid for three years from when it got an email confirming it. The designation can extend for five years, up to a maximum of two more years.

After Receiving Designation

Cooperate with their Local Economic Development agency and participating firms to attract and hire a defined community (participating employers are in charge of hiring foreign nationals). Candidates may be sought out domestically in Alberta or abroad. Candidates who are presently residing in Canada are only qualified if they have a valid immigration status there.

All federal immigration laws and regulations are applicable if the community is recruiting outside of Canada. The municipality will not get any reimbursement for recruitment expenses from the government of Alberta. The Community Partnership evaluates application materials to make sure that candidates satisfy all requirements, including those for program eligibility.

Communities may decide to have different requirements than the basic requirements. This can involve a particular skill set or jobs that assist the neighborhood in meeting a particular labor shortage. The employer extends a job offer to the chosen applicant, and the neighborhood supports the newcomer.

Select and Endorse Newcomers

The candidate selected by the community for the rural rejuvenation stream receives a letter of endorsement.

Content for the Endorsement of Candidate Letter

The letter must bear the company letterhead, signature by the community’s local economic development group, and include the information listed below.

  • First, the name and address of the economic development organization supporting the application
  • Also, the candidate’s full name and residential address
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Details of the job offer

  • Foremost, the name of the business
  • Next, the name and contact information of the employer
  • Also, the location of employment
  • Additionally, the position and description of job duties
  • Besides that, the duration of employment and work conditions
  • Moreover, a detailed description of how filling the position offered aligns with the economic growth of the designated community
  • Furthermore, the employer’s efforts to fill the position within Canada and the outcomes
  • Lastly, the name, title, and contact information of the person issuing the endorsement of the candidate.

The applicant uses the iportal to submit their application, making sure to adhere to all requirements for the Rural Renewal Stream. For this stream, there is a non-refundable application fee. If the individual qualifies for nomination, their application receives consideration. They also receive informed consent.

Further Details

The applicant can ask for a 204-C letter of support so they can apply for a temporary work permit so they can start working in the selected community while their application for permanent residency undergoes review. A permanent resident nominee applies to permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

The final say in petitions for permanent residence belongs to the federal government. The Province’s nomination does not assure acceptance of a permanent residency application.

Welcome and Integrate Newcomers

The community must decide what kind of settlement assistance it will provide, create, and put into place. Free arrival settlement services issue through the federal government for permanent residents as part of a settlement plan to assist the applicant and their families in integrating into the community. For nominated temporary residents in Canada with a valid work permit and a job advertising board for the rural renewal stream, the province offers several services.

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