Biggest scam ever in Ghana’s history is A-Plus’ TPP thing- Mustapha Hameed

Biggest scam ever in Ghana’s history is A-Plus’ TPP thing- Mustapha Hameed

The latest bout in the circles of social media is the banter between Kwame A-Plus and the New Patriotic Party’s Mustapha Hameed. The NPP’s kingpin has tagged A-Plus’ TPP as the biggest scam ever to have happened to Ghana.

A-Plus describes The People’s Project basically is a formidable, Non-partisan and Non-violent Ghanaian third force cum social movement established to demand for social goals and constitutional reforms that serves the best interest of the good people of Ghana. The project is being spearheaded by the Strident musician, Kwame A-Plus.

Mustapha Hameed’s inspiration is from the fact that all other smaller political movement have been up to a particular motive.

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“If I didn’t see Ndoum, Akpaloo, Akua Donkor, Odike and the rest, I’ll probably have taken A Plus seriously. But Alhamdulillah, all of these were manifestations that happened before my own eyes. And like Allah will say in the Holy Quran after a series verses, “….among these are are signs for people of understanding”. Mustapha Hameed posted.

He best think that The People’s Project is rather a project for an individual. A joke in a circus and by far the worst political scam to him is the TPP.

“The signs are clear enough, that TPP is at best a joke in a circus run by elements with a bloated sense of relevance and influence in the politics of this country, and at worst a political scam. Nothing more, nothing less.” Hameed further added.

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In a quick rebuttal, A-Plus has instead describe the NPP as the historic scam that dupped Nana Appiah of the poor Menzgold customer’s money. He claim that a huge chunk of it was used to sponsor the NPP’s 2016 campaign.



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