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Australia Golden Visa – The Ticket to Permanent Residence | Australia PR 2023

Australia Golden Visa – The Ticket to Permanent Residence | Australia PR 2023

Ever wished you could call Australia home? Learn how a Golden Visa can be your entry ticket to Australia. We will talk about the price of an Australian Golden Visa in this article. Have you ever given the cost of Australia’s Golden Visa any thought? Prepare yourself since the world is generally exciting.

There are nations all over the world, from the USA to Australia, that will put out the welcome mat for you if you are a wealthy individual. This has the wonderful feature of offering residency in exchange for investment. This is a fantastic opportunity to work, study, and receive healthcare in a foreign nation. It’s not just a ticket to live there.

Remember that the professionals at Henley and Partners refer to these programs as Golden Visa schemes. For the rich and famous, they are a major thing. Imagine having residences in different countries and being able to fly whenever you want. It has a dream-like quality.

Our extensive research turned up 11 locations where you may potentially purchase citizenship. Golden visas and citizenship by investment programs are not the same, though, thus there is a catch. A Golden Visa grants you temporary residency, but citizenship entitles you to rights similar to those of a citizen who was born in the nation.

You can obtain a Golden Visa in Australia if you have AUD 2,500,000 to invest and a year to spare. You might call yourself an Australian after five years.

Australia’s Two-Year Visa Opportunity for Culinary Students

Are you a culinary student who aspires to travel to Australia to pursue your love of cooking? You can now apply for a two-year visa to study culinary arts.

How to Become a Culinary Student in Australia

If you have a taste for flavors, you might be able to obtain a student visa good for two or more years. Simply enrolling in a full-time course listed on the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) would suffice.

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Culinary Student Visa

The duration of the course will determine the length of your visa. Your visa would be valid till the 15th of March of the following year if the course is 10 months or longer and ends after the Australian academic year. You will receive an additional two months if your culinary program is completed between January and October.

Additionally, if your course is less than 10 months, you will receive a stipend for an extra month.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

The duration of this particular CRICOS course is 101 weeks. You will receive an additional two and three months on your visa because it will last longer than 10 months. Thus, you will have around two years to explore, study, and cook amazing meals. Every ambitious chef has a great opportunity to pursue a profession in the culinary arts.

Australia Visa Processing Times: Newly Announced Faster Visa Processing Times

Fantastic news: processing times for Australian visas have decreased. Do you still need an Australian visa? We’re excited to let you know some fantastic news.

The Australian government is working to expedite the visa application process. The results of hiring extra workers to process visa applications are already evident. Therefore, this is fantastic news if you have an interest in temporary Visa programs in Australia.

Current Processing Times for Popular Australian Visas

Visa Type Processing Time
Students with Class 500 visas 16 days
Temporary skilled shortage subclass 482 visas 21 days
Employer-sponsored visas for permanent residency 10 months
Partner visas 17 months
Skilled independent visas 18 months

Remember that these times could alter. The time frame may alter due to a variety of factors, including your case’s complexity and fluctuations in the number of applications. Overall, it’s a huge relief for applicants from the Australian government.

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Major Changes in Australia Visas 2023

Are you aware that Australia’s immigration policy has already undergone considerable modification under the current labor administration in 2023? The number of slots available under the permanent migration program has increased from 160,000 to 195,000 in 2022–2023.

This section covers the six significant visa revisions for 2023 that you ought to keep aware of.

An enormous increase in the total number of visas provided through the states and territories is projected as a result of the improved regional distribution. According to a previous secretary for immigration, one of the key benefits of subclass 190 and subclass 491 visas, sometimes known as Australian state-sponsored visas, is the ability to work for any employer without being tied to one particular employer.

Candidates are obliged to be below 45 and have employment-finding responsibilities.

What are some of these changes?

  • State and Territories
  • System Review
  • Priority Processing for New Zealanders
  • Prioritizing New Regulations for Skilled Visas
  • A New Visa for Pacific Island Nations
  • Visas for Children and Partners

Challenges and Vulnerabilities of Migrant Workers in Australia

Fair working conditions are necessary for migrant employees with temporary visas. The difficulties and dangers that migrant workers with temporary visas encounter are covered in this section. Let’s look at how to provide them with assistance and protection.

You might be surprised to learn that migrant workers with temporary visas for Australia frequently find themselves in precarious situations. Underpayment, exploitation, or even unpleasant working conditions could befall them. It’s possible that these employees are too terrified to speak up for fear of losing their visa status or facing punishment from their bosses.

Why do they need more robust defenses? In actuality, these dedicated workers also require secure working environments and respect.


Here’s what protection can include;

  • Better laws and regulations implementation in order to protect migrant workers’ rights and make sure that employers account for any transgressions.
  • Also, increased enforcement and monitoring will help us find and address cases of underpayment or exploitation.
  • Additionally, there should be resources and assistance available so that migrant workers are aware of their rights, how to report abuse, and where to go for assistance if necessary.
  • Moreover, cooperating with stakeholders, joining forces with community organizations, unions, and advocates to disseminate information, pool resources, and defend the rights of migrant workers

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