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All Recent Updates About the NSW 491 Visa in 2024 | Australia Immigration Guide

November 21st, 2023 at 01:41 am

All Recent Updates About the NSW 491 Visa in 2024 | Australia Immigration Guide

Do you have any work experience or training? If this is the case, you have probably given some thought to how you may further your career and enjoy greater levels of success in a different country, such as Australia. A New South Wales 491 visa could be the ticket to opening up a whole new world of possibilities for you if you have your sights set on achieving financial independence.

People from all over the world who have the necessary skills can apply for a subclass 491 visa, which grants them the opportunity to live, work, and study in certain geographical areas for a period of five years. Your ability to immigrate to Australia may have a big impact on your professional development. In this article, we will walk you through the fundamentals of the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa subclass 491 and break down the many options that you can take to obtain this visa.

What exactly is a 491 visa for NSW?

The Australian government introduced the New South Wales (NSW) nomination for the Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491) in an effort to entice skilled migrants from all over the world to live, work, and study in specific regional areas of New South Wales (NSW) for a period of five years. This visa falls under the subclass 491 category.

The purpose of this initiative is to combat regional talent shortages and foster economic expansion in New South Wales. Despite the fact that it is a provisional visa, which means that it is only valid for a limited time, it is possible to use this visa as a stepping stone to obtain permanent residency in Australia. The New South Wales State Government possesses the authority to nominate qualified job seekers who are committed to working in high-priority industries located within regional New South Wales.

Basic Eligibility:

Eligibility Aspect Details
Visa Eligibility
  • Demonstrate a command of the English language and all of the other standards set down for the 491 visa, including those pertaining to your health, your character, and your level of English fluency.
  • In addition, people must have a family member who is qualified and resides in a specific location sponsor them or receive a nomination from the government of a state or territory.
Skills Assessment
  • Maintain a skills evaluation that is current and valid for an occupation that is included on the list of qualifying skilled occupations for the 491 visa.
  • You must either be currently residing in New South Wales (NSW) with residency that has been continuous for at least three months, or you must be residing offshore with residency that has been continuous for at least three months.
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Recent Updates About Pathways for the NSW 491 VISA:

The government of Australia has revealed two distinct routes that can be taken in order to gain nominations from the state of New South Wales for this visa stream.

Pathway 1:

The first option is for individuals to submit an application directly to Investment NSW if they have a lengthy employment history with a company headquartered in a regional area of NSW.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to meet the eligibility requirements, applicants are required to have spent the prior year working and residing in a regionally defined area of New South Wales (NSW).

In addition to this, they should have held unskilled employment within the past year with a single regional employer in NSW in the nominated occupation or a closely comparable occupation that is considered skilled by NSW. They ought to be receiving at least the TSMIT minimum pay level of $70,000 per year in compensation.

Key Steps for Pathway 1:

  • Check your eligibility before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect.
  • Send in an expression of interest through SkillSelect, asking for the state of New South Wales’s nomination for the subclass 491 visa.
  • Use the online application form to submit your application for NSW nominations.
  • Wait for the nomination evaluation, which is normally finished within a period of six weeks.
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Pathway 2:

Applicants also have the option of being requested to submit an application by Investment NSW. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that obtaining a NSW nomination through the ‘Pathway 2’ process is quite tough. As a direct consequence of this, prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to investigate alternate migration options, rather than placing their whole reliance on being invited to submit an application for NSW nominations.

Eligibility conditions:

In order to be eligible for the 491 visa, you must demonstrate that you satisfy the usual eligibility conditions.

Applicants are required to attest that they satisfy New South Wales’s fundamental eligibility requirements.

Key Steps for Pathway 2:

  • Be sure you meet the requirements before sending in your expression of interest through SkillSelect.
  • Send in an expression of interest through SkillSelect, asking for the state of New South Wales’s nomination for the subclass 491 visa.
  • Hold off on applying until you receive an invitation to do so during one of the scheduled invitation rounds.
  • Within 14 days of receiving the invitation, submit an application to Investment NSW along with valid documents to corroborate claims made in the expression of interest.
  • Wait for the nomination evaluation, which is normally finished within a period of six weeks.

Important Information for All Pathways:

EOI Submission:

  • EOI is required to maintain its validity during the entirety of the assessment period.
  • After applying directly through Pathway 1 or being invited through Pathway 2, alterations to the EOI are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • The expression of interest can only be submitted for the category 491 visa and can only seek nomination from NSW.

Nomination Assessment:

  • The evaluation of nomination applications normally takes place within a period of six weeks following the receipt of payment.
  • During this time, you should refrain from contacting the office for any updates.
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Additional Recommendations:

  • Investigate all of the potential avenues for immigration, and don’t sit around waiting for an invitation, particularly for “Pathway 2,” which has a very low acceptance rate.
  • Respond quickly to invites and provide any necessary documentation within the 14-day deadline that has been provided.

Patience is key.

Throughout the course of the fiscal year, there are invitation rounds that take place continuously. These rounds do not occur on the dates that were specified in advance, nor are they announced in advance.

Update Regarding the Targeted Sectors:

“Under the ‘Pathway 2’ invitation rounds for the Subclass 491 visa, the state of New South Wales will give preference to Expressions of Interest (EOIs) in occupations that fall within our five primary industry sectors: agriculture, health care, information and communication technology, and infrastructure.



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