Akufo-Addo bodyguards throws out a Ghanaian from asking the President questions

Akufo-Addo bodyguards throws out a Ghanaian from asking the President questions

A United State based Ghanaian who is a civil rights activist, Samuel Owusu, have been embarrassed in the full glare of the cameras. He was thrown out of the forum by the bodyguards of the president for attempting to ask the president questions.

Newsnowgh sources have it that, Solomon had earlier embarrassed the president with his question. That occurred in the opening forum of the president visit to the United States. Itwas an unexpected question about Ayesha Huang, the galamsey Queen’s deportation without trial. The President fumbling with his answers, but finally accepted that it was a big mistake to have released the galamsey Queen to go scot-free.


Upon realizing that, Eugene Arhin, spokesperson of the President, had instructed Macho Man guarding the president to hand over Owusu to the police to escort him out of the premises.

“Macho men from Ghana told me they have been instructed not to allow me to enter the conference hall. I asked why and they were bossy… so I told them f*** you; you’re in the United States and not in Ghana… you can’t bring that bush life here,” Solomon said in a viral video.

Some months ago, the same Solomon Owusu is on record to have asked the Senior Minister, Osafo Marfo, a related question in an open forum. His answer was that the deportation of Aisha Huang without trial had benefited Ghana. That is the Chinese offering to give two billion dollars in exchange for bauxite, called sinohydro Project.


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