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Agriculture Jobs in Canada 2023

Agriculture Jobs in Canada 2023

The most sought-after agriculture occupations are accessible in Canada, where agriculture is the country’s largest sector. The most well-liked and in-demand occupations in Canada that depend heavily on immigrant labor are those in agriculture. Both relocation assistance and visa support will be given. The fact that this field doesn’t call for a college degree is a plus.

In Canada, farming is a lucrative and satisfying profession. You won’t have any trouble finding employment in your field since it is likewise in high demand. Earnings of up to $29,256 per year, or $15 to $20 per hour, are acceptable. paid transportation, including lodging. All of this and more are at your disposal. 1 million new employment across all industries have been announced by the Canadian government, including 269,000 in agriculture.

Agriculture Jobs in Canada

2.4 million new jobs are projected to be produced by the Canadian economy. As the need for workers grows to fill the labor shortfall, existing workers are retiring. They are seeking new, motivated applicants as a result.

More laborers are urgently needed for Canadian farms. Numerous Canadians are opposed to working on farms. As a result, Canadian farmers have been using temporary workers from other nations for years. Before Covid, Canada’s agricultural sector employed about 55,000 temporary foreign employees.

Agriculture Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Farm Worker Jobs

Apply for agricultural jobs in Canada sponsored by a visa for 2023. It is the simplest job and is highly sought after. Second, farm laborers are not needed to have a formal education. No age restriction applies.

In Canada, a typical farm job entails planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops, raising livestock and poultry, and maintaining and repairing farm buildings and equipment.

Fruit Picker Jobs

In Canada, there isn’t a better or simpler job. Jobs as a Fruit Picker in Canada with Sponsored Visa It is assumed that it refers to a “fruit picker”. It is your responsibility to gather produce from orchards and gardens. It’s like you have to harvest veggies, fruits, and other stuff from the fields. The packing process will then start after they are all assembled. In Canada, there is a large demand for laborers for occupations picking fruit.

Dairy Former Jobs

A dairy farmer is in charge of breeding cows, milking them, and producing dairy goods like yogurt and cheese. They ought to be well-versed in agricultural practices and crop management, as well as in dairy cow breeds and production techniques. The average yearly pay for dairy producers is $76,000.

Horticulture Jobs

The upkeep and care of the vegetation in parks, gardens, and other public areas is the responsibility of horticulture. They must have training dealing with plants in the garden setting and a degree in horticulture or a similar discipline. They should also be able to operate independently and manage a variety of plantation maintenance-related responsibilities. Gardeners often make between $35,000 and $45,000 annually.

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General Farm Workers and Agriculture Jobs

There are 1,793 open positions in this industry right now. It is Canada’s most popular industry. For you, I’ve already chosen a filter. Jobs for overseas applicants will be listed.

P&H Farming Company Jobs

A pioneer in the agricultural sector is a Canadian family-owned company called Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H). More than 1500 people work with them. According to the Government of Canada, there are 2.1 million people employed in the agriculture sector, making it one of the largest industries in Canada.

Sign up for P&H Farming Jobs. Numerous positions in a variety of sectors are continually accessible to applicants.

Aramark Food Jobs

Anywhere people work, learn, heal, and play, Aramark provides meals, amenities, and uniforms as part of its customer service offerings. At the moment, it employs 270,000 people. They don’t discriminate against people based on their age, race, color, religion, or national origin. Aramark accepts applications from candidates from abroad.

Farm Manager Jobs

The efficient management of crop and livestock farms as well as their staff falls within the purview of farm managers. Farm managers must carry out all administrative tasks, keep a tight eye on crops and animals, and manage their staff members. Additionally, farm managers make budgets, buy feed, fertilizer, and other supplies, engage in business networking, and make sure their farms are successful.

You must present a diploma in farming or animal husbandry if you want to begin working as a farm manager in Canada. In Canada, the farm manager makes more than $20 per hour.

General farm Worker Jobs

A typical farm worker’s duties include proper harvesting of fruits and vegetables, fertilizer application, crop spraying, and upkeep of farm equipment and machinery. In Canada, positions for typical farm laborers are available with an hourly wage of $15.50.

Farming Labour Jobs

Owing to the increasing labor crisis in Canada, a lot of employment for farm laborers are available. Crops are sown or planted, harvested, handled, or raised for meat, and agricultural equipment and infrastructure are maintained by farm and agricultural personnel.


Agricultural Engineer Jobs

In the Canadian market, agricultural engineers are highly sought-after. Engineers working in agriculture are being paid more than ever in Canada. Agricultural engineers’ responsibilities in Canada include troubleshooting farm equipment, coming up with creative solutions to agricultural issues, lowering ecological or pollution concerns, and increasing the efficiency of agricultural projects, feeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural products. An agricultural engineer in Canada may expect to make over CAD$50 per hour or CAD$100,000 per year.

Vegetable/fruit Picker Jobs

Jobs for fruit and vegetable pickers remain advertised in Canada. A vegetable or fruit picker’s responsibility is to select produce based on its size, shape, and level of ripeness. As opposed to throwing away bad or overripe ones. The most physically taxing profession; picking vegetables requires workers to repeatedly bend, sit, climb ladders, and pick.

Therefore, energetic people remain suited for these kinds of employment. In Canada, picking fruits and vegetables pays an average wage of more than $15 per hour.

Agriculture Intern

McCain Foods is conscious of the ability food has to motivate and bring together people, households, companies, and communities. Working together with our employees, entrepreneurs, and community partners, in our opinion, will lead to long-lasting development and positive change for present, future, and future generations. By serving delicious meals, we hope to make people’s lives more enjoyable.

Education: Other trades certificate or diploma. Three to five years of work expertise. General understanding of the computer and information sciences, or comparable experience.

Agriculture, Food and Drink Attaché

The British government is an inclusive employer that values diversity. We improve our organizational capability by valuing diversity, advocating equality, and combatting discrimination. We promote and welcome applications from persons of all backgrounds.

Important information about employment in agriculture in Canada

  • The industry is expanding quickly, and over the next five years, growth of up to 14% is predicted.
  • In Canada, the agriculture industry currently employs over 100,000 people.
    Agriculture employees make $25 per hour on average.

How to Find Farm Worker Jobs

In Canada, there are numerous methods to gain employment in agriculture. The aforementioned websites will take you to Canadian agricultural employment. You can also utilize Google and LinkedIn to look for jobs in Canada that will sponsor your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there employment in agriculture in Canada?

Because farming in Canada could be both rewarding and lucrative, there are many things to think about before making a choice. Imagine putting in long shifts among tractors, animals, and a decent income while laboring in endless fields. It also ranks amongst the highly well-liked options

Can Canada sponsor foreigners for visas?

The nation offers sponsorship options for citizens or permanent residents who desire to bring their families to Canada. Under these schemes, certain family members may receive permanent residence in Canada.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on changes to visa criteria, prospective paths to obtaining legal residency, and others.



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