AFREhealth February 2022 Job Vacancy


The African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth) is a pan-African organization dedicated to the advancement of health professions education, research, and service delivery.

AFREhealth works to achieve excellence in health professions education, research, and service by influencing a new inter-professional standard that will result in sustainable and continuous quality improvement for the African population.

Job Description


  • Development and Installation of a Membership Management System


AFREhealth is currently seeking bids from Web application developers to develop an interactive and user-friendly online membership management system and mobile App that will automate its membership management.

Required Services

  • Conduct a needs assessment in consultation with the AFREhealth Secretariat Staff
  • Develop a specification document to guide the development of the Membership Management System.
  • Design a membership management system (online &mobile app) that will manage member data base, enroll new members and facilitate payments of membership fees for our members across Africa
  • Membership Management System shall have the following features:
  • Interactive, visually appealing, and creative with a consistent interface, as well as with quick loading, uploading, and downloading function and easy to navigate Interface that resonates with current AFREhealth theme or website color scheme etc. for both online system and mobile application
  • Language options include English, Portuguese, Arabic, and French.
  • Compatible with major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE), and varying devices (e.g. Mobile smartphones);
  • Integrated with AFREhealth online payment platform that is directly related with AFREhealth account
  • Able to notify users via email to the user email provided on any activity completed such as payments, registration, Invoices, etc.
  • Able to create and disseminate individual / Bulk invoices

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Vendor shall also be required to:

Create an interactive Dashboard and administrator control panel to operate and access real-time information of members, Invoices, payments, audit roll, community member expiry, and financial records. Dashboard shall have the following features:

  • Easily accessible for system administrators
  • Appear in current graphs and figures and is easily exportable into Excel or PDF format.
  • Enable system administrator to upload membership database, create member categories and payment types and create invoices to all members via the system and email notifications
  • Allow Integration of Quick books software
  • Allow creation of rights and privileges for member categories

Maintain and update the system including:

  • Functional enhancements to the system and activities to increase the system’s performance or to enhance its user interface;
  • Maximized security and authentication levels in order to face the latest hacker techniques and threats as well as provide website security regular checks;
  • Swift support against any design or development flaws, and immediately fixing problems that may appear during operation

Train relevant AFREhealth staff to technically master the use and maintenance of the membership management system, how to feed new members, administer payment records, etc. on the control panel. The training will last for Five working days and for up to 3 AFREhealth staff members.

Develop a Mobile application to synchronize with the online system. The platform should have the same features as the online system and include the option for members to download from the play store or IOS store.

Publish the system on the AFREhealth membership domain and Webhosting space, and test the performance for any errors or flaws before publishing it to the public


The service shall be verified through the following deliverables:

  • A meeting with AFREhealth to discuss main features and understand the existing processes of managing AFREhealth members to automate;
  • A prototype or flowchart design concepts submitted to AFREhealth and subsequent approval of concept by AFREhealth.
  • Main system features reviewed and approved by AFREhealth;
  • Completion of the system presented for approval by AFREhealth (including PPT and PDF of documentation);
  • The platform is delivered in a test mode for AFREhealth to review for both mobile app and online;
  • Professional, interactive, user-friendly membership management system developed and ready to be tested by the AFREhealth community for a period of 1 month;
  • Feedback or issues from the testing phase addressed and completed
  • The platform functions appropriately on a wide range of commonly used browsers and devices;
  • Access to the system is secured and authenticated and payments functionality is direct to the AFREhealth Bank account devoid of any third-party applications
  • Training to relevant AFREhealth staff to technically master the use and maintenance of the platform;
  • A user guide for the system administrators to develop in English;

Required Skills or Experience

  • Proven experience in Software development or information system and support in the international development sector;
  • Previous experience with developing Membership management systems for INGOs is desirable;
  • Ability to develop systems in multilabel language formats, namely English, French, and Portuguese.
  • Strong experience in developing well-known and widely used open-source platforms;
  • Understanding of End Users needs to match with adequate technical solutions;
  • Demonstrated experience in system automation;
  • Attention to detail and demonstrable ability to work to brief deadlines.
  • Competitive financial offer.


The following must be included in your application document:

  • Certificates of registration/incorporation with a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Company profile (briefly reflecting core competencies, key management personnel and clearly stating the physical verifiable address, telephone line, and email address),
  • Proof of license to offer the required services as given by the responsible regulatory body (if applicable)
  • Minimum of 3 reputable references
  • A breakdown of the financial offer indicating other applicable costs such as VAT
  • A Gantt chart showing estimated start time and completion (in days/weeks)
  • Companies can submit their technical and financial proposals either on an individual basis or in consortiums up to 2 companies in one offer.


Proposal submission:

  • Completed offers including all the requirements and details specified can be submitted via email to: [email protected] or

Courier to:

The Executive Director AFREhealth Secretariat School of Public Health College of Health Sciences

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi PMB, UPO, Kumasi

The envelope must be marked (PREFERRED VENDOR- 2022: MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM) AFREhealth will not accept any proposal submitted in any other way and incomplete proposals will not be considered.

  • The deadline for submission is by 1700 GMT on 7 March 2022

In case of questions, please send an email to Roger Lawrence at [email protected]


  • AFREhealth cannot be charged in any way for costs related to the preparation and submission of a quotation. This can also include interviews and/or provide further information about the quotation.
  • The risk of any costs and/or damages that may arise by not awarding this contract to a supplier lay solely with the supplier. AFREhealth cannot be held responsible for any such costs or damages.
  • By submitting a quotation, the Consultant/Supplier agrees to all the terms and conditions specified in this (Request for proposal) RFP. The quotation will not contain any reservation(s) to these terms and conditions. A quotation with one or more reservations can be excluded from the procedure.
  • The copyrights of the membership management system will be exclusively owned by AFREhealth



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