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2024 Peking University Yenching Academy Scholarship: Study in China

October 13th, 2023 at 07:09 am

2024 Peking University Yenching Academy Scholarship: Study in China

In China, applications are presently being accepted for the Yenching Academy Scholarship to be awarded by Peking University in 2024. Students studying in other countries than their own are eligible to apply for this award. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in receiving a prestigious scholarship to pursue their master’s degree to submit an application for consideration.

Peking University is offering a scholarship opportunity in China for the academic year 2024 that will be fully sponsored by the university. It is important to note that there is not charge associated with submitting an application for this scholarship.

The following is a description of the scholarship:

The Yenching Academy brings together roughly 120 new students from all over the world each year to study, live, and learn together. The majority of these students come from the Chinese mainland. Approximately eighty percent of the whole student body is comprised of students from other countries.

Peking University, which can be found in Beijing, China, is regarded as one of the most prestigious and historically significant establishments of higher education in the country of China. Since its founding in 1898, it has amassed a reputation for being an academic powerhouse on a global scale as well as a center for cutting-edge research and intellectual discovery.

Peking University, which is well-known for its dedication to academic achievement, provides undergraduate and graduate students with access to a wide variety of academic programs that cover a wide range of subject areas.

The campus of the institution, which is well-known for its combination of traditional Chinese architecture and modern facilities, is noted for fostering an environment that is vibrant and energetic, making it ideal for learning and cooperation.

It is possible to attribute Peking University’s status as one of China’s most prestigious educational institutions to a number of factors, including the university’s remarkable record of success in academic research, the breadth and depth of its academic resources, and its commitment to encouraging students to develop a global perspective through participation in international partnerships.

Peking University is a shining example of academic leadership and creativity on both the national and international stages. The university is renowned for its long and illustrious history and its forward-thinking educational philosophy.

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The following topics are open for discussion:

Under the aegis of this scholarship program, candidates are free to apply for funding in any academic discipline of their choosing.

The benefits of receiving a scholarship include:

The Peking University Yenching Academy Scholarship 2024 provides its recipient with a comprehensive, fully-funded scholarship that pays for all of their educational and living expenses. The Yenching Academy Fellowship provides its recipients with a number of benefits, including the following:

1. Comprehensive payment of all associated tuition costs.

2. The provision of an allowance for living expenses.

3. a payment made on a monthly basis.

4. the cost of travel for one way and return.

5. A deduction for the expenses incurred during the field research.

Nationalities that are Eligible for Admission:

Candidates for this scholarship program are not restricted in any way in terms of the academic fields for which they can submit an application for financial support.

Eligibility Requirements:

The following requirements should be met by applicants:

1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, or be presently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program and be on pace to graduate no later than August 31, 2024,*;

2. An impressive history of intellectual achievement;

3. A strong interest in research involving multiple disciplines pertaining to China;

4. A history of success in extracurricular activities, involvement in the community, commitment to social responsibility, and the capacity to assume leadership roles;

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5. Proficient in the use of the English language.

While attending Peking University, students are not permitted to participate in any additional degree programs at any other universities or colleges in the world.

The procedure for applications is as follows:

The Yenching Academy has an online application site that candidates can use to submit their resumes and cover letters. Each candidate is required to create an account on the Yenching Academy admissions portal in order to submit the required materials, all of which must be written in English:

1. submitted an application via the website and filled up all required fields;

2. A statement of one’s personal philosophy (no longer than 750 words);

3: A Statement of Research Interest (with a maximum of 1500 words, not including citations);

4. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

5. Transcript or transcripts that are official;

6. Diploma(s) or Certificate(s) of Enrollment(s), if applicable;

7. Two letters of recommendation from professors or other academics;

8. Requirements in English, as well as the minimum score needed to pass:

  1. Overall Band Score for the Academic Module of the IELTS: 7.0
  2. a total score of 100 on the TOEFL Internet-Based Test
  3. a total score of 185 on the Cambridge English Scale for Advanced learners
  4. CET 6: Complete Score of 600
  5. TEM 4: Acquire a level ” or above as your passing grade


About Yenching Academy

For English speakers with different levels of proficiency in Chinese, the Yenching Academy provides a highly flexible Master’s program in China studies.

The program’s value of thinking about China—past, present, and future—from both Chinese and foreign perspectives, as well as its emphasis on interdisciplinarity, are its fundamental components. It also intends to extend the scope of studying China beyond the confines of the conventionally recognized humanities and social science fields, and it is structured to take into account the intellectual backgrounds and life experiences of its inclusive student population.

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Six research areas are available for course selection, and students are free to build their own study programs. They will select one of these areas for their theses. Additional courses to complement core courses are provided by the Academy and other departments and schools of Peking University. Our multidisciplinary approach fosters creative and productive exchanges of ideas by promoting discourse across academic disciplines.





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